40 reasons you should bellydance


Hello Zameena readers, 


This month’s article will break down the vast reasons Bellydancing is great for you. We all do it because we love it, but there are so many natural, physiological, cultural, lifestyle, physical and technical benefits that many may not be aware of. Please note, I am not a medical consultant so if in doubt about anything regarding your own health, please consult your a doctor or medical professional. 


If my 40 reasons are enough to convince you how great Bellydancing is, I hope to see you at my Exclusive Bellydancing Masterclass on Saturday 21stMay 2016. Happy Reading! xx


Lifestyle benefits 

  1. The different types, variations and origins of the dance encourage an awareness of different cultures and countries 

  2. Can be practised in the comfort of your own home 

  3. Can be learned at any stage of your life – you’re never too old! 

  4. It appeals to learners and performers of all ethnicities 

  5. It is a low impact exercise which means it is not strenuous on the body’s joints. This means, if you practise it regularly and safely it can aid long-term health and well-being

  6. You can meet like-minded enthusiasts 

  7. It’s fun!


Natural benefits

  8. It is an ancient dance form which embraces all body shapes and sizes 

  9. It nurtures inner feelings rather than outer appearance 

 10. Promotes body awareness

 11. Can assist personal insight into one’s spiritual side 

 12. Is very expressive 

 13. Makes a dancer’s feel happy 

 14. Can improve a dancer’s overall confidence 

 15. Has the ability to make one feel sensual and feminine

 16. As a result it can improve your sex life 



Physical benefits 

 17. Improves flexibility 

 18. Increases stamina 

 19. Tones and strengthens the body

 20. Uses all major muscle groups

 21. Suitable for pre and post natal 

 22. Can result in weight loss 

 23. Can help improve one’s posture 

 24. Can help relieve back pain 

 25. It is a good abdominal workout 

Physiological benefits 

 26. Great for relieving joint pains and arthritis 

 27. Brilliant for reducing menstrual cramps and PMS

 28. The weight loss element can help prevent osteoporosis 

 29. As with any exercise, it boosts the body’s immunity because it helps regulate hormone and blood circulation which results in a healthy heart

 30. The movements and techniques aid digestion which is imperative for healthy bowels

 31. Which can lead to an improvement in skin complexion as more oxygen will reach the skin cells

 32. It improves coordination and balance

 33. Improves memory 

 34. Reduces stress

 35. Can relieve depression

Technical benefits 

 36. Enables dancer to control and isolate muscle groups 

 37. Is as slow or fast as you want it to be (your pace)

 38. Can be different all the time – different styles and techniques 

 39. Performing is a great challenge and boost 

 40. Clothing – fun to get dressed up but comfortable clothing for practising