LovetheBeat Ltd, also known as LtB, was founded in 2009 by Kamna - known to all as Kay.

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LovetheBeat believes  a combination of music, movement and meditation can improve and enhance our physicalphysiologicalemotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

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LovetheBeat continues striving towards the Education, Health & Social goals originally established in 2009:

Health Goals

  • Keep the mind, body & soul active across all ages, cultures and backgrounds

  • Tackle stigma surrounding mental health 

  • Provide forums for self-healing

  • Tackle obesity & unhealthy lifestyles

  • Tackle mainstream body perception 


Social Goals

  • Promote inclusion, participation and equal opportunities ​

  • Develop community cohesion and bridge ethnicities ​

  • Use music, movement and meditation to enhance interaction within communities

Education Goals

  • Deliver education through music, movement (in the form of dance and fitness) and meditation (including Inner Dance). 

  • Encourage creativity

  • Empower the communities, societies and cultures we serve​

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