about lovethebeat

LovetheBeat was set up in 2009 as a response to the lack of BAME classes available in and around North West London. Since 2009, LovetheBeat has delivered many classes, workshops and courses across London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and more recently Buckinghamshire and Slough. LovetheBeat has also hosted numerous Events in which music, dance and the community are welcomed and celebrated. LovetheBeat remains committed to its original goals which include:

  • Promoting BAME Arts and culture 

  • Tackling obesity and unhealthy lifestyles

  • Tackling issues surrounding body image 

  • Tackling stigmas surrounded mental health

  • Developing community cohesion and bridge ethnicities 

  • Promoting inclusion, participation and equal opportunities

  • Keeping the mind, body and soul active across all ages, cultures and backgrounds. 

More recently, LovetheBeat has merged its School of Dance identity into a School of Spirituality as the key message we advocate is the use of Music, Movement and Meditation for healing, harmony and happiness. In other words, dance expands beyond fitness and learning routines, the dance of your internal energy is the key to unlocking your potential and accessing your higher self. In an age where Mental Health has become a graver concern, it is even more important to nourish ourselves internally. This method can help connect all planes of our existence and allow us to live our lives 'mindfully'.

At LovetheBeat, you are loved and cherished for being you. You play a part in creating a stronger and more united future absent of stereotypes and discrimination. Plus you will experience lots of support, inspiration and fun! 

It's not just about LovetheBeat, it's about Loving-your-Heartbeat; in order words, Loving Thyself. 

I look forward to growing with you and being a part of your evolvement

Warmest wishes, 

Kay xx