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Unleash the Hips of the Siren

Saturday, 20 February 2021 from 12:00 GMT-14:30 GMT

Unleash the Hips of the Siren with renowned international dance artist  
Katie Holland ... Set the stage on fire! Set yourself free ~ take your performance to the next level!

Many of us struggle to show our full selves when we are on stage and we often hide behind self imposed masks. We can become overwhelmed with nerves, pressure, limiting beliefs, self-judgement, self-sabotage and an inner dialogue that can inhibit the potential we have to really owning the stage and oozing a commanding stage presence. Heart based performances are so unbelievable powerful whether you are following a choreography or improvising as your movements are based in authentic emotions when you allow the 'ear' of your hEARt to listen and the music is able to flow freely through you. 

During this webinar you will learn simple, somatic, supportive and effective techniques developed by Katie which work on body- mind integration. Enhance your body confidence! Use stage fright to bring power to your dance! Unleash your choreographic creativity! Communicate with your audience! Access the hidden, authentic Siren within! Claim the stage as you reclaim yourself! Heart Unleashed = You Unleashed ~ Dance with Me ♡

This webinar is suitable for all styles of dance from complete beginners to professionals.
It will be recorded on zoom and emailed to you afterwards. 

Investment: £33 - Click here to pay -