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The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world, turned it upside down. While we have been thrown into isolation and little bubbles, we have also found a way to connect with the wider world and help each other. Local neighbourhood support groups have played an important role in bringing the communities together, bolstering them and helping those in need. 

In the same spirit, a new UK wide initiative, Holistic Wellness and Covid-19 has been launched by Vinita Pandey, a homeopath and resident of Wimbledon. Supported by a group of volunteers it aims to provide holistic healing and support to anyone who has been affected, directly or indirectly, by the pandemic.

Anyone across the country can access one of four pools of services based on what the person needs most  – someone to talk to-a friendly ear, a team of homeopaths to provide effective relief from symptoms of long covid, a team of nutritionists to help build strength or a team of yoga teachers to help cope with stress.  

The team recognises that we do not need to have the virus to be affected by it. Hence all the services will be offered free of charge to anyone who is feeling vulnerable and in need of support. They will be offered online or via the telephone and can be accessed via the group’s Facebook Page, Holistic Wellness and Covid-19

Dr Vinita Pandey (PhD, LCHE, RSHom) has been practicing from Health Zone Clinic, Wimbledon as a Homeopath for the last 10 years. She is passionate about healing with homeopathy and believes each person can attain optimum health if they look into various treatment options.