KCares is a sub-brand of LovetheBeat which explores ways we can nourish ourselves internally and naturally. We advocate: massage, the use of essential oils, inner dance and healing circles.

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Where did the concept of KCares come from?

The concept originates from Kay's extended visit to India in 2006. Here she completed a Diploma in Beauty, Hair, Cosmetology and Massage and decided one day she would open up her own parlour called KCares. 

Why is KCares important?

KCares is important because it advocates:

  • How to live a healthy lifestyle, 

  • Natural beauty tips,

  • Massage and the art of self-massage

  • Using essential oils to strengthen one's immune system

  • Using Inner Dance to heal trauma and rebalance our chakras 

How can KCares help me?

In many ways.

Often when we have a health problem or ailment, the solution is very simple and can be accessed very easily. Yet because of our fast, stressful and busy lifestyles, we tend to turn towards chemical medicines to help us feel better. This is not necessary. Through a combination of dancing, a healthy diet, regular massage, inner dance sessions and essential oils, one can boost their vitality and overall wellbeing which can hep you overcome, or at least manage, almost any ailment. 

What does KCares offer?

A bespoke service tailored to each client.

Please contact for more information. 

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