I was introduced to learning Yoga and Indian dance Kathak around 8 till about 15 yrs of age

I completed uni with Child Psychology as major subject. But my interest in st7dying further had to be shelved as life has its own flow so my journey moved into a hospitality career started with  hotels moved to the airline spanned 30+ yrs and a great learning experience from living in different countries with exposure to various cultures, people and turfs of job roles

Over past 25 years my passion has been studying and practicing holistic lifestyle modalities in depth, all started as a self help healing mode as i had no incline to teaching  

Again life has its own course of flow and i chose to “show up” so here iam willing to share with you my certified and explored knowledge and wisdom of the body, mind and spirit

Presently i am fully insured and teach Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga at various location in and out of the UK. 

The practice of yoga is open for everyone, with only a wilingness as a pre requisite. 

I believe Slow Yoga, conscious breath with the awareness of the body mind connectednes has myriad benefits affecting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states in a positive and progressive way. 

Om Tat Sat…only truth prevails!

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