Beginners Bellydance

Let’s start Belly Dancing today!
It is never too late to learn Belly dance at any age.
The benefits of Belly Dancing can increase weight loss and boost your energy level. It also improves self-esteem, and it helps make women feel sexier, happier and more confident!
Great for the complete beginner and those with a little experience who want to brush up on their dancing and technique. The bellydance movements and techniques are broken down step by step and will give you a strong base in muscle isolation and belly dance technique. You will discover muscles you never knew you had, and train them in the way of a belly dancer giving you a brilliant mind-body connection.
Join this fun and encouraging hour-long class of practising and drilling those steps. A great place to begin your bellydance journey.
If you attend this Beginners Bellydance class but are looking for a fast paced style, try our Bellydance Workout class.

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With Daniela
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