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Hello Ladies!

I am delighted to write my first article for Zameena! 

At the moment, I am in India and I have just returned back to my family’s home after a day in Agra – home of the Taj Mahal – the epitome of love! A perfect coincidence considering I am writing this article for February’s Valentine’s edition. 

For many, ‘bellydancing’ and ‘love’ are an unfathomable duo which go hand in hand. How many times have you proclaimed ‘I love bellydancing!’ And what’s not to love about it? 


It’s an ancient dance form. It celebrates women’s bodies. It signifies a love (there’s that word again) for particular instruments, sounds and music. It’s sensual, yet classy. It’s bold, but graceful. It’s cheeky and feminine. It’s everything a woman represents.


We all encompass wishes and desire’s to change parts of our body, but in the grand scheme of this traditional art, nothing really matters and all flaws are celebrated. Our body is the vehicle that enables us to dance – we should appreciate ourselves far more than many of us really do. 


What really matters is that you enjoy what you do and you execute it with pure devotion. Whether it’s a simple performance with tons of attitude, or a complex drum solo with grace and flow – whatever you perform it should be done from the heart and full of love. 


When we act in the name of love, we bring joy to everyone around us. More importantly, we feed our souls with care, nourishment and tenderness. This can bring emotional fulfilment which can lead to a healthier life. 


Remember ladies, you are all Divine. You are all Goddesses. There is no shame in loving yourself. By loving yourself, you build the capacity to love others. By loving others, we bring peace and harmony to our communities and that is what most of us wish to achieve through our bellydancing. 


Although some readers may feel disillusioned about the ‘belly dancing community’, we must remember that change is a part of life. Nothing stays the same therefore our feelings cannot stay the same. But, if we remain bound to the fire that ignites our passion for Raqs Shaqi, if we tender our love for the music that we enjoy listening to, and if we practice privately - not always for money, publicity and attention - we have the power to rise above the politics and unite as a community that LOVE the dance and wish to see it retained within this modern day. Nothing more, nothing less. 


I would like you to close your eyes. Picture yourself in your most favourite attire – whether it be comfy leggings or a glamorous costume. Hear the sound of your favourite music piece playing in the background. Now imagine yourself dancing in a manner which is full of love. Dwell on this image and let it fill your mind, body and soul with affection, warmth and delight. 


My message to you is: Dance because you love to dance. Dance for yourself and no one else. Love the dance you do, whatever the style or reason. 


Kay Dance xxxx