Celebrating Women IWD poster.jpg

We are hosting a marvellous International Women's Event on Saturday 6th March 2pm - 4.30pm

I know its not quite the same online as meeting in person, which is why our show is an INTERACTIVE party where you will be required to get up, get involved and get moving!


At the event we have the following:

  • The wonderful Andrea Jackson teaching a mini-tribal bellydance workshop 

  • The amazing Katie Holland teaching a mini-Awakened Bellydance workshop

  • The fantastic Zara of Cairo giving us a taster of her Empowerment through Dance workshop 

  • The energetic Coach Tee uplifting us and energising us with her sassy Streetdance strut! 

  • Snakeboy Sunny dazzling us with his sizzling hips! 

Not to mention: 

  • Two follow alongs with Kay Dance!

  • The opportunity to win a free one hour 121 class with Kay Dance!

  • The chance to win a downloadable course from Tevec Dance website

  • Aswell as other student performances 

  • Laughter, positive energy and celebration! 


All of this for only £12 per person. 

ALL of our money goes towards the artists, instructors and performers so by purchasing a ticket you are supporting the Arts and the Artists aswell myself & Tevec.