Entertainment T&C


1. The dancer will arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their performance time. If for any reason the dancer is running late they will phone and inform you.

2. The client must ensure the performer(s) performance starts and ends at the time stated on the booking form.

3. If the event overruns and the dancer is kept for longer than agreed, the client has a responsibility to ensure the performer(s) (especially those travelling by public transport) are safely transported to a registered cab firm, tube station or bus station.

4. If the dancer is still at the event after 12am, the client has to pay for the dancer(s) cab transport home.

5. The dancer has the right to be accompanied by a member of the team.

6. Please ensure the dancer has a large and clean changing area, and that the dancer’s personal belongings can be kept in a safe space during the performance.

7. If the organiser asks the dancer to stay longer, both parties have to agree the added fee.

The performance

8. Cheering, clapping and appreciation from the audience is encouraged.

9. The audience can dance with the performer(s), but must not touch them.

10. If the performer(s) complains of being inappropriately touched or injured, they will be encouraged to report this and the case will be investigated.

11. Please ensure the dancer(s) receive their music back at the end of the performance.

12. The dancer reserves the right to abort a performance in case of inappropriate behaviour from a member of the crowd and will request full payment for the performance.

13. The audience may take photos and videos, but they must not be shown in public or placed on any websites. Lovethebeat will ask for compensation if this is not respected.



14. Prices include travel time, travel costs, resources and performance costs

15. Any price negotiation must occur before the booking is confirmed.

16. Performances booked for ‘antisocial hours’ (between 11pm – 8am) will cost extra.

17. A deposit will always be required in advance to the event; this will confirm the booking.

18. The dancer(s) must be paid the outstanding sum before their performance begins

19. Tipping is allowed


20. A minimum notice of ten days notice prior to booking commencement is required by the client to re-schedule / cancel a booking.

21. If the client cancels the booking within ten days prior the event, the deposit cannot be refunded.

22. If lovethebeat cancel the event, the deposit will be fully refunded.

23. In any situation where the dancer(s) suddenly become unavailable lovethebeat have the right to change the performer.

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