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Unlock your potential with LoveTheBeat's one-off learning sessions! Delve into a world of creativity and expression with specialist teachers, all without the weekly commitment of a class. Transform your Fridays with our immersive workshops


Experience the ultimate night of fun and entertainment with LoveTheBeat’s renowned social events! Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with performances, socialising, and the opportunity to connect with fellow students and teachers. We bring music and dance together for an amazing night out.

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We’re planning something truly special that will resonate with both past and present students and inspire like-minded individuals to join our movement. Imagine a day filled with vibrant performances, interactive workshops, and cultural exchanges that celebrate the rich tapestry of our community’s backgrounds. This event will not just be a gathering but a testament to the power of unity in diversity.



We prioritise the mental health of children. Our program includes yoga and meditation as effective tools to alleviate anxiety and promote well-being. We believe in cultivating these practices as healthy habits for children and young people to develop.Moreover, we are dedicated to supporting teenage girls, especially those from BAME backgrounds, in developing their identity and confidence. Join us in creating a nurturing environment where children can thrive emotionally and mentally.


LoveTheBeat is committed to making a positive impact in the community. We are proud to collaborate with organisations like Apna Virsa, Active in the Community, This Mum Moves, Danielas company expressions dance studio, Libra’s popstar academy, Get Berkshire Active, This Girl Can, Sport in Mind and National Lottery. Together, we offer a wide range of classes and activities designed to bring the joy of dance and fitness to the community. Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive community through our exciting programs.

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