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About Love the Beat

LovetheBeat has embarked on an incredible journey. What started as small classes in Northwest London and Hertfordshire swiftly transformed into a bustling timetable filled with multiple teachers, workshops, and sold-out events. It became a space of exploration and security, where individuals of all ages, cultures, sizes, religions, and sexual orientations could come together and feel safe, authentic, and liberated.

Over the years, LovetheBeat has empowered and inspired countless women. Despite periods of reduced activity due to personal life changes experienced by the founder, Kay, a strong network was formed. Many individuals from that network still keep in touch with Kay to this day, cherishing the memories created through LovetheBeat and supporting her continued mission.

The energy within the LovetheBeat environment is incomparable. Whether it’s an event, a class, or a social gathering, the atmosphere pulsates with a unique vibrancy that uplifts and resonates with everyone present.

The choice of the peacock as the logo holds significant meaning. Firstly, it symbolises the celebration of Kay’s Indian heritage, as the peacock is the national bird of India. Secondly, the vibrant colours represent the beauty and diversity of life, encompassing people from different backgrounds. Most importantly, the metaphor of the peacock dancing in the rain signifies resilience and the determination to keep dancing through life’s struggles. No matter the challenge or stage of life, one must never stop trying to dance because eventually, the rain will cease, and freedom will be felt once again.

LovetheBeat aims to touch your heart, invigorate your soul, and move your feet. The ultimate goal is for you to feel like the best version of yourself. LovetheBeat believes in the transformative power of music, movement, and meditation, and seeks to provide you with the benefits they bring.

Among LovetheBeat’s passions, there are specific areas of focus. Mental health, especially addressing depression, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia, is one of them. Supporting individuals in grief and grieving, as well as postnatal depression, are also important pillars of LovetheBeat’s mission. Additionally, the organisation is dedicated to aiding young women in navigating their identity, particularly those with dual nationalities who may face conflicting values in their lives. LovetheBeat vehemently opposes bullying and discrimination.

While acknowledging the unfortunate presence of sadness, terror, and trauma in the world, LovetheBeat firmly believes that together, we can overcome these challenges within ourselves and as communities. Let us join hands to create a better future for generations to come.

About Kay - the teacher

Kay Dance embarked on her teaching journey at the tender age of two, beginning with classical Indian Kathak as her first dance style. Throughout her high school years, Kay delved into various dance forms, including contemporary, street dance, and salsa. Excelling in her GCSE and A-level dance studies, she found a deep passion for contemporary dance as it provided her with a platform to blend her Indian heritage with her British upbringing.

Tragically losing her father at the age of 15, Kay turned to dance as a means of processing grief. She actively participated in cultural shows and showcased Indian performances in and around London.

In 2007, Kay’s discovery of Bellydance marked a significant turning point in her life. Since then, she has honed her skills as a professional Belly Dancer, led her own Belly Dance & Bollywood dance troop, and obtained certifications in various styles, including exercise-to-music and Zumba instruction.

Drawing from her life experiences, Kay pursued training as a certified yoga teacher, specialising in the inner body, spirituality, and healing practices. Additionally, she has completed training in massage therapy and earned a beauty diploma during an extended stay in India.

Kay’s teaching style is characterised by creativity, passion, and a holistic approach. She consciously keeps the different dance disciplines separate to pay homage to their origins and cultural significance.

Deeply passionate about wellbeing, Kay views it as an ongoing journey encompassing mental and physical aspects. The experience of motherhood and the changes in her own body have further fueled her compassion as an instructor. Learning under Kay’s guidance means learning from one of the finest instructors in the field. Embrace the experience and enjoy the journey of self-discovery and growth with her expertise.

About Kamna - the entrepreneur

Kamna has dedicated her career to the field of education, holding various roles such as a teaching assistant, learning support assistant, and cover supervisor. Eventually, she pursued her passion for teaching and became a qualified primary school teacher.

Before entering the teaching profession, Kamna specialised in working with children who have autism, Asperger’s, and a wide range of special educational needs. Her experience in the social care sector greatly influenced her perspective on life and living. She also gained valuable insights while working with children in care, broadening her understanding of young people in the UK as a whole.

With a first-class degree in education studies, Kamna examined the political and policy aspects of education. She firmly believes that every individual should have access to education, regardless of the political party in power. Education is a fundamental right for all.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Kamna completed a master’s degree in inclusive education. During this time, she explored the concept of creating a wellness community, which eventually led to the creation of LovetheBeat. Through LovetheBeat, Kamna advocates for inclusive practices in dance and other activities.

While achieving her third qualification as a primary school teacher, Kamna remained committed to her personal growth, self-development, and continuous education.

The idea for LovetheBeat emerged organically from a desire to offer cultural classes in the local community where Kamna resided. She recognized the importance of promoting dance styles that celebrate and embrace women’s feminine bodies, countering the emphasis on slimmer and more slender shapes in some dance styles.

Moreover, LovetheBeat was created to foster community connections. Despite her Indian heritage, Kamna grew up surrounded by a diverse group of friends, finding joy in building connections across cultures and countries. She viewed this diversity as a celebration and wanted LovetheBeat to be a melting pot of cultures, where people could come together to dance, sing, and celebrate life.

In a world that often seems divided, Kamna believes in the power of music, movement, and meditation to unite people and promote love and unity. LovetheBeat serves as a platform to bring people from different walks of life together, promoting a sense of togetherness and shared experiences.

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