Kay has worked tirelessly since 2009 to bring the Art of Music and Dance

into as many women's lives as possible. 

As a baby, Kay was an enthusiastic dancer and often found bouncing along to the Eastenders theme tune or the lastest Bollywood hits.  At the tender age of 8, she was enrolled into Kathak classes and at the age of 14 she attended Sylvia Young Theatre Weekend School to learn Streetdance. In between she attended Salsa classes with her friends and gained inspiration from all different styles of music. 

The biggest impact on Kay’s dream to open up her own dance school was during her Dance GCSE and Dance A-Level. Here she was trained in the art of contemporary dance and learned how expressive dance really is. Her dance teacher at the time, Miss Moore, was extremely supportive of her creativity, energy and vision. By this point, dance had become an integral part of Kay’s life and her dream to become a choreographer was embedded.

However, cultural barriers planted doubts in Kay’s mind and she never thought her dream could ever come to fruition.  She performed regularly at family events or for the Hindu Society’s religious events (based in Wimbledon) e.g. Diwali; but, Kay still didn’t think dance could become a career. It was more of an outlet for her.

In 2006 Kay spent an extended period of time in India. Here she learned yoga and completed a Diploma in Beauty, Hair, Cosmetology and Massage. It was during this stay that an aunt – mesmerised by Kay’s flexibility and ability to move – suggested she try learning Bellydancing. Once back in the UK, Kay didn’t waste any time finding a teacher and it was then that her Dance Journey really began. 

Eventually Kay began teaching Bellydancing, Bollywood dancing and Sexy Street dancing after completing her Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification and various other training courses including Zumba. Gradually LovetheBeat grew into a well-known and established organisation with regular classes, courses, workshops and events across London and Hertfordshire as well as becoming a well-established Events & Entertainment Agency.

Professionally, Kay's background is in the field of Education and Social Care. She began her career working within the field of Special Educational Needs and later specialised in children and young people in and leaving care. She has a first-class degree in Education Studies and an MA (with Distinction) in Inclusive Education. At the peak of LovetheBeats success, Kay was awarded a scholarship to complete a PGCE in Primary Education. At the same time, she met her husband; thus came a series of life changes which has re-steered the direction of LovetheBeat. She got married, moved to a different area and now has two children. During this period she qualified as a yoga instructor and also as a certified Inner Dance Facilitator. 

Today Kay resides in Berkshire and is proud to be collaborating with and supported by local authorities in her pursuit to improve wellness - particularly in women and young people - across the community. 

She personally recognises the therapeutic and healing affect exercising, dancing and music can have on a person's physical, physiological, mental and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Kay uses her life experiences as lessons of reflection which help steer and mould her classes. Depending on the class, she includes philosophy, discussions on spirituality and explanations on the act of self-healing. As a result, Kay’s classes are very people-orientated and tend to revolve around the needs of the class. Her teaching style is very relaxed, informal and full of knowledge and insight, but always combined with fun and laughter. 

Kay is proud to be a #thisgirlcan ambassador for Berkshire.

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