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In a world where harmony begins with the self, our dedicated teachers are the maestros guiding you through the symphony of life. With a steadfast belief in the transformative power of music, movement, and meditation, our educators are more than just instructors – they're your partners on this journey towards holistic well-being.

Kay Dance (Kamna)

Meet Kay Dance, the dynamic founder of LovetheBeat. With a deep passion for yoga and dance, Kay is an enthusiastic instructor and accomplished choreographer. Her journey began as a professional bellydancer, and she also ran her own successful Bollywood dance troupe and classes.

Originally founded in 2009 while residing in North-West London, LovetheBeat temporarily paused its operations when Kay pursued her studies, got married, relocated to Datchet, and embraced motherhood. This transformative phase brought significant growth in her understanding of the mind, body, and soul connection, further fueling her passion for spirituality and healing.

In 2018, Kay opened her own studio, where she curated a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors. Since 2022, LovetheBeat has been offering exhilarating classes under their expert guidance. Kay remains accessible and approachable, always ready to lend an ear or offer support whenever needed.


Meet Daniela, a seasoned dancer, teacher, and choreographer specialising in Polynesian Dance with over two decades of experience in the dance industry. In 2008, she established one of the pioneering dance academies in Italy focusing on ethnic dances, known as asd harem danza, based in Brescia. Serving as the President and Artistic Director, Daniela led the academy to great success.

In collaboration with her colleague Laura Cernigliaro in 2017, Daniela co-founded Orientalya, a new dance academy in Italy dedicated to Ethnic Dances. She currently holds the role of Artistic Director and Master Teacher, specifically overseeing the Polynesian Dance section.Daniela is a respected lecturer, master teacher, and oversees the official national Italian teacher training programs for Polynesian Dance on behalf of CSEN, a sports promotion institution recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Since 2017, she has been appointed as the director of IA ORA TAHITI ITALIA and, later in 2019, of  IA ORA TAHITI ENGLAND – prestigious European Schools specialising in Polynesian Culture and Dance, founded by Yunick Vaimatapako. Through collaboration, Daniela and Yunick aim to promote the rich culture of the Pacific Islands through dance courses, workshops, and cultural seminars.

As a senior member of the International Dance Council, Daniela is actively involved in promoting various dance forms worldwide and collaborates with esteemed organisations such as UNESCO.

Daniela’s artistic endeavours extend to numerous projects where she has showcased her talents as a dancer and choreographer. She frequently serves as a teacher and master teacher for festivals and events across Europe, and her performances have graced the screens of various Italian TV programs, including “Dancing with the Stars.”


Reshma is teaching the Holistic Bellydance workshop in March.
If all goes well she will begin delivering classes quarterly or so.


Introducing our passionate Zumba instructor Inna, dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. With her guidance, you can embark on your dance journey today with confidence, as she takes you through each step of the energising Zumba class. Get ready to sweat, groove, and have fun.


Hollie runs Libra Popstars Academy and will be teaching childrens classes on Thursdays.


We’re always looking for top talent to join our team so if you have a passion for music and dance and want to be part of something amazing, LovetheBeat is the place for you. LovetheBeat people can truly be themselves at work. Our holistic approach and collective experience in well-being, means we take into account your mental and physical health. We love all the things that make each of us unique and believe our collective differences make us stronger.

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