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We are delighted to welcome you to the LovetheBeat Family.

Booking your class has never been easier.

Use our online booking system to pay for your classes. Choose between

£12 pay as you go
£60 for 6 class credits
Or £99 for 11 class credits (buy 10 get 1 free)

Pay as you go is really straight forward. Choose the class and the date, make a payment and you’re booked on!

If you have chosen to purchase class credits, you log in, choose the class and date you wish to attend (please note you can only book one class at a time) proceed to pay for the class and use your class credit as payment!

You can book as many classes as you wish. If you cannot attend a class, please note our usual cancellation policy will apply which is you must cancel your class before midnight of the previous day, otherwise the credit will be deducted from your account.

This system allows you to see how many spaces are available in each class which means you can pop into another class should you wish.

This youtube video demonstrates how to use the online booking system –

If you not sure which class to book, or don’t know how to use the online booking system, or have a special circumstance which needs our attention, please do not hesitate to contact us on 078 3434 0981 or email

Not sure which class to try?
Introductory offer - £6 for your first class*

*Full prices apply thereafter

Classes FAQS

LovetheBeat is a small studio. Approximately 8-10 people (including the instructor) can fit at a time. This means the classes are very exclusive and spaces are extremely limited.

No changing room or shower. There is a toilet within the residence so please try and use the bathroom before arriving at the venue.

Yes, we are based in a residential area so please park respectfully and mindfully; preferably down the road from the studio.

There are enough coat pegs for 10 people with space to place bags in the cupboard. You are allowed to wear shoes as you enter the studio but are encouraged to place them on the shoe rack which can be found indoors.
For most of the classes we request you participate in the classes without shoes on, except for those high impact dance classes such as Zumba and Bollywood dance where shoes maybe necessary. Thank you

Please bring your own equipment however we do have some mats and scarfs in case you should need them.

Whatever makes you feel good! Comfortable clothing! If you want to show your skin, go for it! And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. For bellydancing you’re welcome to bring a hip scarf but it is not necessary!

Until the online booking system goes live, please email 

Children’s classes will be added to the timetable with suitably qualified and experienced instructors. However, the other classes are welcome for children from aged 14 up.

Send a message to the studio or call or text 078 3434 0981        

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