Hi!  My name is Christine! 

I am a chatty and outgoing fun person who loves to be around people. 

Great conversation, great food and music and dance are just a few of my passions in life. 

Music and Dance is something that I can not live without.  It’s where I lose myself and let myself feel every part, expressing myself through dance. 

I am a huge fan of Bollywood music and have always had a love for Indian culture. 

The lively, energetic music and dance , it’s so upbeat and fun!.

Dancing instantly elevates your mood,  making us feel happy and present and in the moment.

Which our busy lives, so many us at times live on autopilot without really ever being present.

Dance , brings you back to being mindful , present and lifts your mood.

BollyX is a Bollywood inspired dance fitness workout. It’s not traditional or the stereotypical dance that one may think. 

It’s a Bollywood dance FITNESS class that is a fantastic cardio workout!, similar to Zumba but Bollywood style!

Absolutely amazing fun dance workout,  Dynamic powerful moves and poses and boldness that make you feel good, strong, empowered and full of confidence.  

Being a curvy woman myself , I believe it’s not about shape or size, but feeling good in our own skin.  Loving who we are on the inside and the outside.

It’s about embracing and enjoying the person we are , no matter what our own personal journey is.

So come join me in this exciting dance fitness class! 

BollyX  The Bollywood workout, 

Have Fun, Get Fit, Feel Great! 

See you there!

BollyX with Christine 


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