Kamna (Kay Dance)

Kay is the founder of LovetheBeat. She is a very passionate yoga instructor and dance choreographer. She was a professional bellydancer for several years and used to run her own Bollywood dance troupe aswell as classes.

She originally set up the organisation in 2009 whilst living in North-West London, but the company ceased during the time she completed her studies, got married, moved to Datchet and became a mum. Since becoming a mother, her life has changed drastically and her knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and soul connection has expanded significantly. Her primary passion is Spirituality & Healing.

She set up her studio in 2018 and began offering LovetheBeat classes in 2022 run by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors. Kay is always available should you ever want or need to speak with her

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LOVETHEBEAT is an Events and Entertainment Agency. We provide Bollywood Dancers, Belly Dancers, Sega Dancers & Samba Dancers. 

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