Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance is called ‘Ori Tahiti in the Tahitian language and literally means the dance of Tahiti. ‘Ori Tahiti is one of the styles of the great family of Polynesian Dances which are all that dance styles that we can find in the geographical area of Polynesia. The islands of Polynesia have many styles of dance, […]

Wine Your Waist

Wine your waist is a fun dance and aerobics class which uses whining, twerking and cardio to create a euphoric Caribbean workout vibe! It will make you sweat and it will make you feel fit! The primary aim of this class is to give our members a judgement free and safw space for you to […]

Beginners Bellydance

Let’s start Belly Dancing today!It is never too late to learn Belly dance at any age.The benefits of Belly Dancing can increase weight loss and boost your energy level. It also improves self-esteem, and it helps make women feel sexier, happier and more confident!Great for the complete beginner and those with a little experience who […]

Zumba Dance Fitness Workout

Zumba is a form of aerobic fitness exercise based on Latin American dance rhythms. Participants are taught some basic easy-to-learn movements; you do not have to learn complicated balance techniques or body poses. Zumba fitness may feel like a party, but this research suggests that it’s also a highly effective workout. Each Zumba session will help you burn […]

Belly Dance Intermediate 

Learn short choreographies and routines in this Bellydance choreo class. Here you can learn how to dance with props such as a veil, fan veil or cane, you can learn a mejanse or a drum solo … The sky’s the limit when it comes to learning and exploring.